About Me

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Hey there,

My name is Phil Berman and I usually go by WolFyre on social media. I'm pretty much born and raised in Arizona. I have lived, visited in various cities throughout the United States.

Over the years I did go by "WolfViper" before social media even started. After a while I did get away from the name and then try going back to it and it didn't felt me anymore. Plus so many copycats used the name. Over the years I tried various names and one that finally fits me "WolFyre".

Basically "WolFyre" means:

Wolf - It's my spirit animal, I love dogs and this mammal.

Fyre - Wanted to spell the word different from "fire" and it has various meaning like living in Phoenix, the mythical bird and flame of being gay.

I'm basically enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, sports, traveling, trying new stuff, electronics, some video games, etc.

The past several years, I started to fall in love with American soccer, known around the world as football. I been a season ticket holder to Phoenix Rising FC since 2018.

More info coming soon.