Here are the official rules for DRC Madness.

  1. Nominate items

  2. If we go over the number of nominations. Then a voting poll is to determine who qualifies for the tournament.

  3. Then the madness tournament finally begins.

There are three options on how to vote:

  • Delete the word you are NOT voting for and the other word is your choice.

  • Scratch out the word you are NOT voting for and the other word is your choice.

  • If you plan on passing on a vote, please notate it. We know you are skipping it.

The scenario orders how ties are broken, to help determine the winner and advance that specific item towards the next round.

  1. If there are any ties in the 1st round, then both items will be advanced and will become a three-way match-up for the 2nd round. (This will only affect the 1st round.) For 3-way ties, please only vote for one item.

  2. From the 2nd round going forward, when the voting is over and if there are any ties. Based amount on the votes from all the rounds. Then all the votes will be tallied together.

  3. Similar to the scenario to #2 there is still a tie, then the previous round votes will determine the winner.

  4. The last choice determined by the ranking order of the voting system.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

Trick or Treating

Disney: Mickey Mouse

Cartoon Leftovers: Charlie Brown

FOX: Homer Simpson

Hanna Barbara/Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny

Back To The Future, Part 1

Pink Floyd "The Wall"

New Orleans Saints

Actor: Morgan Freeman

Actress: Meryl Streep

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Cast Members: Phil Hartman

Characters & Sketches:

Dana Carey & Mike Myers "Wayne's World"

Team: Chicago Cubs

Player: Babe Ruth

2010: Leslie Nielsen 2016: Prince

2011: Steve Jobs 2017: Tom Petty

2012: Neil Armstrong 2018: Aretha Franklin

2013: Roger Ebert 2019: Tim Conway

2014: Robin Williams 2020: Eddie Van Halen

2015: Lenard Nimoy 2021: Betty White

Grand Champion: Robin Williams

"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson

Gold: "Born To Run" Bruce Springsteen

Silver: "Landslide" Fleetwood Mac

Bronze: "Imagine" John Lennon

Runner-up: "Let It Be" The Beatles

Future DRC Madness Themes

  • Battle of TV Categories

  • TV Sitcoms